Virtual Evenings

Rational Review’s “Virtual Evenings” are a premium feature available only to those who have returned value for value (generally by making financial contributions) to Rational Review News Digest and/or Freedom News Daily.

If you resemble that remark — if you’ve ever sent us money, that’s you — and would like to participate, please apply to join the Virtual Evenings email list here (we don’t automatically sign up contributors — they may not be interested in the events and they may not want the email!). The only email messages you’ll receive from this list will be event announcements with access details … a message or two a month.

If you don’t resemble that remark, see the right sidebar of this page and consider making a one-time contribution or becoming one of our “subscribing contributors” with a monthly payment. That’s what makes it possible for us to publish “the freedom movement’s daily newspaper.”

So, what’s a “Virtual Evening?” It’s actually “A Virtual Evening with [insert name here].” That name will be a libertarian/freedom movement person or persons whom we believe our readers and supporters would like the chance to listen to and speak with. A Rational Review editor will act as emcee, introducing the keynote speaker/honored guest, who will deliver a brief speech, presentation or opening statement. Then the “floor” will be opened up for questions, comments and discussion. We’ll ask our honored guests to make themselves available for least 60-90 minutes for their “Virtual Evenings,” but if they can stay longer and if the participants want to keep things going, that’s fine too.

The first “Virtual Evening” events will be held by teleconference, starting in November or December of 2009, at a rate of one or two events per month. In the future, we may add video and Internet chat capabilities as well. Enjoy!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review

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