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It's time to choose up sides
by Thomas L. Knapp


I've put off writing this article for more than a year, hoping that it would not be necessary to do so -- that people calling themselves libertarians would examine their consciences, stick to the principles they've shouted from the rooftops for years, and make an honest stand on the war issue.

This is apparently not to be, and it is equally apparent that one of the casualties of the coming war will be whatever semblance of unity the Libertarian Party has maintained over the last decade on issues of foreign policy.

So be it.

The shills of the War Party have felt free to toss insults at those who oppose George W. Bush's acts of naked, Hitlerian aggression. In doing so, they've found themselves treated in kind, for the most part, only by people who have long since left the Libertarian Party precisely because of that Party's reticence in taking a stand.

That ends today, at least where my keyboard is concerned.

If you're a "pro-war libertarian," you're not a libertarian.

If you're a "pro-war" member of the Libertarian Party, you're in the wrong Party. It's just that simple.

There is no way that libertarian principle, or the Libertarian Party's platform, can be stretched to sanction the use of taxpayer money and government troops to invade, occupy and impose U.S. rule on a nation which has never attacked the United States, which has never threatened to attack the United States and which shows no sign of ever having had any interest in attacking the United States.

It can't be done.

And, as a matter of fact, I'm going to take it a little further.

One may be "pro-war" or one may advocate reason. The two are mutually exclusive.

One may be "pro-war" or one may advocate freedom. The two are mutually exclusive.

One may be "pro-war" or one may support the United States of America. The two are mutually exclusive.