The Immune: Wisdom wrapped in a tale of terror
Posted on 04.10.11 by Steve Trinward

You wake up on what seems like a normal day, and flick on the news as you’re getting ready to roll. Suddenly, the screen is filled with scenes of death and destruction. You stare horrified as hundreds, maybe thousands, of people are dying right before your eyes. Even though this is happening in some foreign land, you’re still mesmerized by the vision.

No, we’re not talking hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons or other “natural” disasters; nor are we dealing with human terrorists, of whatever ethnic stripe. Welcome to the world of The Immune, a fascinating near-future adventure novel by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. Taking one part H. G Wells, several bits of Robert Heinlein and a few echoes of Orwell, Huxley and other dystopian visionaries, he’s created an allegory that encompasses the 09/11 attacks, environmental mutation fears, government corruption and man-against-the-State, producing a stunning page-turner in the process.

The book opens innocently enough: Dr. John Long is having a meal on Grand Cayman Island with the woman he loves, Cassandra Shelly. (It’s all so sweet: He pops the question, along with the ring, during dinner; the next day they’re diving together off a coral reef.) Within a few pages, however, this idyllic setting of bliss turns into the televised horrors of an attack in Nigeria, and the adventure begins. In this case, though, the attack-force is not terrorist Muslims or other human elements, but a number of gigantic floating jellyfish (imagine a genetically mutated cross between a Portuguese Man o’ War and a blimp).

These “airwars” float across the sky, their tentacles drooping down with lethal stings, gathering up and digesting any organic substance along their paths. Nobody’s safe, and thousands die in the first attack. As more “advanced” societies attempt to fight back, the next surprise unfolds: killing an airwar by puncturing its air-sac only causes it to reproduce, releasing thousands of smaller versions of itself! The reaction of the nation-states (and the power elites who run them) is instantaneous: if you can’t beat them … lie down and let them pass in peace! Within a matter of days, the sole officially accepted response to an airwar attack is “run, hide, do no harm.”

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Time for a tax ballot?
Posted on 02.10.11 by Steve Trinward

So now the truth comes out from the Leftist press: it’s not a matter of what’s right, just what’s customary!

The recent attempts by Republican Congressthings to let people exempt themselves from paying taxes for abortions SHOULD have prompted a movement to make ALL aspects of government “opt in”; instead, it has led only to “progressive” pundits from all over that realm of the political spectrum saying things like, “We pay taxes for a lot of things that we don’t agree with. Why should this be any different?”

In light of the legacy of war-tax resistance, along with so many other examples of civil disobedience in the leftist heritage, it’s amazing to see such weak-kneed justification for cracking down on anti-abortion sentiments as something evil and nefarious (and dare I say it, implicitly ‘un-American’?). After all, the convictions of those who consider abortion to be “murder” are no less valid than those who consider wars (or at least the vast majority of them) or the death-penalty to be such, and who object to funding those atrocities.

It’s also kinda strange to see “progressives” so openly advocating the statist-quo. One would think that these allegedly forward-looking (hence the name?) folks would see this as an opening to create voluntarism in government, starting with its weakest point: the funding! Instead of marching in the streets, we could indeed be ‘voting with our wallets” and refusing to pay for wars, corporate bailouts and other things considered anathema to progressive/liberal/whatever-ya-call-it-these-days intentions.

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Liberty Dollar Update
Posted on 02.10.11 by Thomas L. Knapp

From Ray Waters via Nic Leobold:

SHORT ANSWER: As of today, it (Raid on Liberty Dollar, Gov’t attack on LD) has not played out fully.


NORFED was run by Bernard von Nothaus. The trial is still pending.

This was von Nothaus’s most recent “public” communication:

The Liberty dollar website was ordered closed by a judge pending the trial in June 2010, which Bernard agreed to in exchange for bond and bail leniency.

I don’t want to talk too much about the case, but the basic charges are:

(1) Conspiracy to undermine the stability of the US Dollar. Which is Ironic given count #2

(2) Making and Possessing likeness of coin. His shiny stuff vaguely resembles their shiny stuff.

(3) Mail fraud — essentially they accuse him of a ponzi scheme, because his coins would be ‘restamped’ as inflation grew.

Actually having Liberty dollars and Ron Paul coins are legal — the Fed only raided his stash; it’s perfectly legit to own yours, which kind of kills #2 but I don’t want the Fed to get any new ideas.

Note from Nic Leobold:

It was great to see the latest Liberty Dollar News from December, which I had not even received. The Liberty Dollar is a brilliant product and Bernard von NotHaus is a monetary genius. Liberty Dollar has a bright future as soon as we dispense with the unprincipled prosecution the Justice Department is pursuing. In fact, the prosecution has very little chance of succeeding, because the charges are simply immoral, dishonest and contemptible on their face.

I look forward to working with Liberty Dollar once the prosecution ends, and I hope that Kevin Innes is released as soon as possible from jail. In fact, this is another instance of our national media and news organizations totally failing in their responsibility to educate and inform the American public. There should be a national expose of what has been done to Liberty Dollar and the LD4. But rest assured, our day will come, very soon, when the government’s case falls flat on its face, and currency liberty is established in America, the land of the free and the brave.

Nic Leobold

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RRND/FND 4th Quarter Fundraiser Update, 12/17
Posted on 12.16.10 by Thomas L. Knapp

Latest fundraiser stats:

Goal: $800
Current total: $479

Thanks to subscribing contributors MF and SW! Their payments yesterday advanced us another $5 toward our $800 goal.

It’s been a loooooong week, folks. Lots of extra hours put in — but I think you’ll agree those hours were worth it when we show you the results. Expect a “weekend special edition!” Along with a special announcement that I hope you’ll like a lot, I’d love to be able to announce that we wrapped up this fundraiser on Friday. That part is up to you, though.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review

PS: “One-time” donors of $50 (or more) get a signed first edition copy of Bill Branon’s Let Us Prey. For your convenience, here’s a $50 “one-time” contribution link:

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Wrights forms presidential exploratory committee
Posted on 07.03.10 by Thomas L. Knapp

For more information:
Thomas Hill
Phone: (704) 621-8621

Wrights forms presidential exploratory committee

BURNET, Texas (July 4) – R. Lee Wrights, a former Libertarian Party national vice chair and the editor and co-founder of Liberty for All online magazine, announced today he is forming an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for a possible bid to seek the Libertarian nomination for president in 2012.

“The Libertarian Party faces a critical test in 2012 and I want to make sure that we’re up to the challenge,” Wrights said. “The Libertarian message in 2012 must be loud and clear – Stop the Wars! Stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, stop the war on drugs and alternative lifestyles, stop the war on civil liberties.”

Wrights said that it’s time to stop supporting politicians, regardless of party, who don’t even come close to fulfilling their campaign promises.

“President Obama was elected on a platform of ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Wrights said. “Instead of supporting the troops by bringing them home, he has sent thousands more young men and women to die needlessly to prop up a corrupt government in Afghanistan.”

“Now he’s wavering on his promise to bring the troops home by July 2011,” Wrights said. “He calls the war in Afghanistan a ‘war of necessity.’ It is no such thing. It is unnecessary, irresponsible and a dishonor to the founding principles of our republic.”

The president has also reneged on his promise to reverse the trampling of civil liberties which began under the Bush Administration. “He’s done just the opposite,” Wrights said. “He’s expanded federal power to invade our privacy and curtail our rights. He might not call it the ‘war on terror,’ but President Obama still uses 9/11 as an excuse to justify voiding the Bill of Rights.”

Wrights said he is most appalled by the way the president turns every issue he faces into a war by labeling anyone who opposes him as an enemy.

“Not content with just warring with the Republicans in Congress, the president has turned the Gulf oil spill into a war on oil companies. He’s used the financial crisis, which was largely caused by government regulation, interference and incompetence, to continue waging war on banks and financial institutions,” Wrights said.

“Even after his major victory in ramming through a massive health care bill which imposes federal government bureaucrats into our most intimate and personal health care decisions, President Obama continues to wage war on insurance companies and health care providers,” Wrights said. “Now, he’s opened a new front in Arizona over that state’s attempt to deal with an illegal immigrant situation his administration has failed to address.”

“Where will it end?” Wrights asked. “Is anything or anyone safe from being labeled an ‘enemy of the state’ and incurring the wrath of the federal government’s war-making power?”

Wrights pledged that 10 percent of all donations to his campaign will be given to the LP for ballot access. “Whoever is the 2012 Libertarian nominee for president, we must take our message to all 50 states and our message must be clear and unequivocal – Stop the Wars,” Wrights says.


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