Liberty Dollar Update
Posted on 02.10.11 by Thomas L. Knapp

From Ray Waters via Nic Leobold:

SHORT ANSWER: As of today, it (Raid on Liberty Dollar, Gov’t attack on LD) has not played out fully.


NORFED was run by Bernard von Nothaus. The trial is still pending.

This was von Nothaus’s most recent “public” communication:

The Liberty dollar website was ordered closed by a judge pending the trial in June 2010, which Bernard agreed to in exchange for bond and bail leniency.

I don’t want to talk too much about the case, but the basic charges are:

(1) Conspiracy to undermine the stability of the US Dollar. Which is Ironic given count #2

(2) Making and Possessing likeness of coin. His shiny stuff vaguely resembles their shiny stuff.

(3) Mail fraud — essentially they accuse him of a ponzi scheme, because his coins would be ‘restamped’ as inflation grew.

Actually having Liberty dollars and Ron Paul coins are legal — the Fed only raided his stash; it’s perfectly legit to own yours, which kind of kills #2 but I don’t want the Fed to get any new ideas.

Note from Nic Leobold:

It was great to see the latest Liberty Dollar News from December, which I had not even received. The Liberty Dollar is a brilliant product and Bernard von NotHaus is a monetary genius. Liberty Dollar has a bright future as soon as we dispense with the unprincipled prosecution the Justice Department is pursuing. In fact, the prosecution has very little chance of succeeding, because the charges are simply immoral, dishonest and contemptible on their face.

I look forward to working with Liberty Dollar once the prosecution ends, and I hope that Kevin Innes is released as soon as possible from jail. In fact, this is another instance of our national media and news organizations totally failing in their responsibility to educate and inform the American public. There should be a national expose of what has been done to Liberty Dollar and the LD4. But rest assured, our day will come, very soon, when the government’s case falls flat on its face, and currency liberty is established in America, the land of the free and the brave.

Nic Leobold

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